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BATTLETECH - 11/28/18 - $27.99/$44.99


Today’s deal is BATTLETECH!

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Somewhere out there in the endless universe, on some intergalactic tundra, three man-shaped walking machines close in on another bigger one. These are not just transports, they’re weapons of war. The snow limits visibility, but it makes their external mounted lights look awesome as steam begins to rise off their missile launchers and gun barrels as they warm up for battle. Through the thick glass canopy, a filthy sweaty bearded man is saying some sort of prayer before he likely dies 3-on-1, but as his mecha legs kick into high gear and the bullets start flying, there’s always a little hope.

That’s right, THE UNINITIATED! These aren’t your daddy’s war machines…this is BATTLETECH! (Unless your dad loved playing BattleTech). You like regular size soldiers? Forget that weak mess! It’s all about huge robots DRIVEN by people, now! And we know at first that sounds like a wuss move, but give pause: regular size human fighters do not have the capacity to explode on their own, which is a very cool part of this series.

But also, yo! If like BattleTech or you like MechWarrior, or just like really good deep strategy games, clean the frost off your starting lance and grab the new Battletech game from us today at a super low price, and since we love you (and we love Battletech), we’ve also got a good price on the new expansion, Flashpoint, and a good deal on both together for people who haven’t jumped in yet, like the way that Kodiak takes out that Smoke Jaguar Mad Dog in Ghost Bear’s Legacy.

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Wouldn’t you know I have a review of this too.

I love Battletech. Well, I always loved MechWarrior so I just assumed I would love Battletech and it worked out. Updates have improved what few issues I had with the game (speeding up the turns notably) and now one of three expansions is out. Always nice to see a developer take a franchise fleshed out massively and deliver something that not only works for them, but also has broad appeal.


This game is remarkably well done, and basically what we always wanted from Mech games. The original Battletech dev team is dedicated to the video game making craft, and it shows. The launch day version of the game was slow and clunky but gorgeous and deep; within a couple months they’d fixed all the worst bugs, and now things are smooth.

Now, with that said, the warning: their new publisher is Paradox Interactive. This means that you can expect DLC cash-grabs for decades to come. If you’re an achievement hunter, or an obsessive completionist (like I am,) that means you’re in for paying several hundred dollars for this game if you don’t buy the season pass, or wait for it to go on a deep bundle discount much later on.

I’m not saying not to buy this bundle- the game might very well be worth it, when it comes down to it. Just go in with the knowledge that this is the life you’ve chosen.


This deal is the same price as it is on Steam…


I think that perhaps for EU customers who may see a better currency exchange rate (I cannot confirm this though), this might be a better deal. Plus the game+DLC combo isn’t a bundle available on Steam.


I bought this game from the kickstarter. But didn’t buy the DLC and don’t plan to buy it until a few years later. Really the base game gives me my mechwarrior fix. And there are player-made mods to change parts of the game too on the Nexus website.

I liked it. It’s a fun turn based strategy game where you get to customize your 'mechs. The mercenary perspective lets you travel around and work with different factions if you’re into the Battletech lore. No Clans in this time period, but I didn’t mind since the niche genre doesn’t have many games like it around.

All in all, I give this game a 1/2 score! Buy it if you’re interested!


That is the case yeah, quite a bit cheaper.