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Battlefleet: Gothic Armada 2 - 10/31/19 - $19.99


Today’s deal is Battlefleet: Gothic Armada 2!





It’s spooky day everyone! A spooky ol’ time. A grand ol’ spookfest. The spoopy day to end all spoopy days. The…ok you get the point. And so do we! It’s a scary time and people are tryin’ to get the creepy jeepies this time of year. So today we’re bringing you the spookiest thing around; Space!

At first glance, sure Space isn’t that scary. It’s brought us a bunch of mega tight things after all. Sci-fi is just a whole bunch of space magic and can end up creating universes where people are flinging entire suns. Or summoning void fire using the magic from stars. Or throwing super hot glowing sticks that can cut through anything and pulling them back with telekinesis. Sure, all of those things are tight. Space gives us the good ol’ Master Chief, and Metroid too! (has nobody noticed that metroid’s ship looks like his helmet?) And there’s also lots of laser beams, and the idea of aliens, y’know all that cool shit.

But hear me out. Let me paint you a vista for a moment. Really immerse yourself in these words for a sec. You’re sitting in the cockpit of your spaceship (whatever kind of ship you want to imagine, it’s all yours after all.). Everything is fine, you’re coasting between galaxies, on some kind of mission or task or job, what have you. Through your dash you can see endless twinkling lights, darkness that extends as far as your depth perception can perceive, and then some. All of a sudden there’s a massive crash; your ship’s engine has backfired and blown a hole clean through the hole. You just barely have enough time to secure your suit before you’re ejected into the vacuum of space. With no signs of any other life nearby, you’re stranded in the infinite expanse, left slowly floating as you watch the vitals of your suit slowly drop, all too aware of your oxygen supply.

Now that you’re properly (hopefully) jeepy creepied by the mere concept of the fact that space could be infinite, go grab Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2! You get to command tons of different factions and fleets following crazy narratives in the Warhammer universe. So no endless floating while you ponder your existence; only bug smooshin’ and mech fightin’. Happy Halloween!

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