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Battle Royale Tycoon - 2/13/20 - $6.49


Today’s deal is Battle Royale Tycoon!





Hi there. You may not know me, but I’m VERY familiar with your battle royale arena “DEATH MANIA MOUNTAIN” off the 605 freeway near Baldwin Park. It’s a great place to fight, a great place to kill, and a great place to grow, and so I just wanted to take a second to give credit where credit is due, since it’s not normally “cool” or “hard” to share our feelings in this community, and maybe people don’t let you guys know how much you guys are crushing it every single day, even though they should.

I’ve been coming to DEATH MANIA MOUNTAIN for years, from all the way back when they only offered the Battle Royale ruleset, but both Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag have been an exciting change of pace, and regardless of what game type I’m playing, I’ve always been so proud to be spilling blood in the sand of this close knit family with a real “hometown vibe”, and there’s nowhere I’d rather unwind than one of the many shops or shooting ranges you guys have on offer.

Whenever there’s something we’re missing, you guys always listen with an attentive ear and make concrete changes to make our lives better, even as we slowly kill each other for fun in the arena, and all the equipment, barricades, and facilities are ALWAYS in tip top condition, and EVERYTHING is always C. L. E. A. N.

Anyway, thanks again for everything you folks do, and I hope to come to DEATH MANIA MOUNTAIN for many years to come.

-Blood Monster IV

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How many more genres can Battle Royale cram its way into?! Battle Royale Dating Sim? Battle Royale Battle Royale? Battle Royale Rhythm game? Battle Royale Visual Novel?

… Well as long as this game allows me to exercise my Pee Extortion plan, I’ll buy it. This plan consists of concession stands offering free drinks and excessively salty snacks, but bathrooms will be charged at a high price to use. Of course, I’m assuming the AI isn’t smart enough to use trash cans to bypass my monetized system.


I am not a big fan of “tycoon” games but @missiloon liked it. Here’s her review:



Happy day to whom finds this 4Z2GT-Y4WBC-3KN3E I already own it. Also please pm if you pick this up or I will repost and would hate to yea.


Looks great I need to play it!


Hey man, I claimed it. Thanks!


Sweet enjoy