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Bad North - 5/2/19 - $12.50


Today’s deal is the Bad North!





Honey, honey! Quick, come look!

What is it dear?

Look, in the bathtub! It’s like a tiny island archipelago full of tiny soldiers!

What? Well that might just be the stupidest thing I’ve ever…oh. Wow. Yeah.

See? I’m not imagining things! What do you think we should do!

Umm, I dunno, uh, should we try and like address them? I don’t know! They’re so small! And they seem so busy!

I wonder what drove them out of their homeland and into the tub? Do you think it was tiny vikings?

Hmm, well that just seems…oh, wow! No you were right! Here they come! Do you think they’re gonna be fun traders, or is there some kind of viking musical tradition, or…oh, nope, wait…they’ve just started killing people…

I mean, just because they’re tiny doesn’t mean they’re not vikings…

Oh yeah? As if suddenly you’re the expert on tiny wars…but yeah, no, that seems pretty much exactly correct. Oof. So much tiny blood…

Man…do you think we should like, help them? Do you feel ownership over them a little bit cause it’s our tub?

A little, yeah. It just seems kinda sus that we’re sitting here poppin cheetos and drinkin’ Capri Suns while an entire civilization gets destroyed!

You’re right…uh…HEY! LITTLE GUYS! Yeah you, you’re never gonna get anywhere without a good flanking maneuver, okay? So get to it!

Oh my gosh…look they’re listening to you! And I guess the vikings didn’t understand because they don’t speak any Engl-oh, no they heard us, too. They’re reacting to the flank…annnnnnnnnnd, we’re just back where we started. Damn it! Did we just get invested in this?

Crap! I think so! I at least find it very compelling emotionally!

Yeah. It’s weird, right?

Oh yeah, no, totally…though I already thought it was weird that you had a bathtub full of water just sitting there ready to go…

Oh come on! You know I dry out…

…I don’t even wanna know.

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This is the lowest Bad North has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $12.74 on the Humble Store

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It’s a fun game, but it gets super tedious after a while since ONE tiny mistake means you gotta do EVERYTHING again. It’s from the same people that make the Kingdom games, which suffer from a similar problem.


I was not a fan of this game. It’s has a wonderful aesthetic and a ton of potential as an accessible real time strategy since you’re essentially just standing your units in places and triggering a handful of abilities, but it is just so punishing for even the smallest mistake with no rebound mechanics. Couple that painfully slow starts and you’re grinding away at the same super easy early content while still trying not to accidentally misclick or not judge the shape of an enemy shield right and lose an entire unit of soldiers. Then on top of that there were a handful of issues (at least there were at launch) that made it extra annoying like not being able to unequip items from your units once you equipped them.

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Thanks for the reviews and insight @SaltyGamer and @Endyo - your info plus in-depth YouTube reviews and other tidbits tilted my hand away from impulse buying this. My $12.50 lives to fight another day! :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense to the devs of course! Chrono put you guys on my radar now, if you happen to read this, so if there is a major patch or update that fixes the tedium and lack of forgiveness I will be jumping on board and buying! :slight_smile: