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Aven Colony - 12/26/19 - $3.89


Today’s deal is Aven Colony!





Do you think there’s anyone out there who’s just, like, so good at games like this that they could actually become some type of city planner or something? Granted, we haven’t spent hundreds of hours with Aven Colony yet, but man, some of the stuff we’ve seen people do in the trailers for this game look so much neater than our meager sloppy settlements, to the point that it made us all question whether or not these games are just supervillain recruitment programs with a super high fail rate. Is it a crazy notion? Probably. Has that ever stopped us before? Absolutely not.

And if there IS an incredible civics and city planning supervillain, what powers does the hero have? What are the morally good powers that can oppose like, making energy efficient neighborhoods and having good border defenses? Zerg Rush Man? Seems a bit topsy turvy, no? And how does destroying vital support structures translate into protecting the innocent and keeping the peace? C-could it be…that we’re actually the bad guys here? Have we been thinking about this all wrong?

Guys, turns out it’s absolutely vital that you buy yourselves a copy of Aven Colony, which by our admittedly very flawed logic seems to be the very thing that will impart the skills we need to help us save the world! And of course, we’re a business and it’s not TOTALLY free, but tell you what? How about we give it everything we got and score you a whoppin’ 87% discount? Simple choice for a hero like you, right? See you in space, my champions!

The official trailer for Aven Colony:

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Wait, am I on glue, or does this post say it was created three days ago? :thinking:


precreated cuz probably out of office this week


Oh, that would explain it rather well. :sweat_smile:


Finally something I want and the region lock is hardcore.


Scheduled posts? Neat feature!

I’m surprised to see a description already though. I thought it would be Steam descriptions only, until the Winter holidays are over.