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Automachef - 5/1/20 - $6.99


Today’s deal is Automachef!





Hey folks, how’re you all doing? Good? That’s awesome to hear. Me, however? Not so much. See, I’m a chef in the world of Automachef, and I have few things to discuss. And let me start off by saying I’m not knocking the game at all. It’s a fantastic and challenging puzzler where you designs all sorts of complex processes for automating the cooking of food. I love food, I love puzzles, and this game was like, right at the center of those two merging Venn diagrams, so at first, I absolutely loved it and got completely obsessed.

But then I started to realize the horrible truth: “wait a minute,” I said as my beautiful dream of food-based puzzle solving all came crashing down around me, “am I just…training machines to replace me?” And as my creation perfectly popped out two beautiful creme brulees, I grabbed one, sat down on the curb outside and wept for the chefs.

You see, gamers are too smart, especially the ones looking for a good deal, and if they’re smart enough to grab Automachef today for 53% off, they’re DEFINITELY smart enough to figure out a way to make a perfect steak dinner with robots instead of chefs…wait, why am I telling you this? At first I thought it would help my cause, but you’re…the gamers, aren’t you? Wait! No! Don’t click that buy button! I don’t care how incredible the gameplay is! No, no, noooooooo! My fight moneeeeeeeey!

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Here’s a review from @missiloon


A good programming game that builds out procedural flow, mental mapping, and logic pathways with the cute foodie theme. Buy yourself a Nintendo Switch for $299.99 + game for $8.99, or just pay $6.99 here on Chrono for PC! :poop:


I really enjoyed this game, although I eventually gave up at level 27 of 30. For some reason the more acclaimed Opus Magnum couldn’t pull me in like this game did, maybe it was the restaurant theme.


Thank you for sharing my review. I really did enjoy this game :smiley:


I want to make a breakfast production line that shoots the customer as the end product.