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Asmodee Bundle - 10/12/18 - $1.99/$5.49/$9.99


Today’s deal is an Asmodee Bundle!


Today’s deal options are:



Alright Chroners, today’s all about one question: How much do you love board games? ‘Cause LITERAL digital board game wizards Asmodee wanna know, and they got three full tiers of coolness for you to spend at most ten bucks on, so let’s try and get you some serious band for your buck, right?

Dungeons starting to feel dusty? Dragons getting too samey? Looking for a new flavor of tabletop fantasy? Look no further than Talisman, which is so much more than a big ass necklace, and for the Monopoly Jr. version of a worldwide railroad buying classic, Ticket to Ride: First Journey, which all comes in the first tier for one cent less than TWO BUCKS.

BUT…if you’ve got at least FIVE FITTY to spend, you really should do it for Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game, where you can team up with a morbid friend as a ghost and a psychic to solve a murder, and the REAL Ticket to Ride, with train action so real, your Grandpa’ll climb on the roof and try to exterminate the plains buffalo all over again!

BUTT…if you’ve got a cool TEN-SPOT for us today, you can ascend to the godlike level and determine the outcome of whole civilizations in the fantasy game Small World 2, and the Cold War game Twilight Struggle, which we’re kinda sad isn’t just Edward Cullen and Jacob Black taking off their shirts and wrestling for Bella.

So again, the question remains: How much do you like board games? But if we’re being real, SIX of them for TEN BUCKS, especially ones THIS DOPE, are a pretty good ass deal…

The official trailer for Small World 2:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.

Board game night

A bundle at Chrono!!! :exploding_head:


Weird, it is still the Yakuza game for me, but either way the new deals look pretty interesting.


Same here


Working on it :slight_smile:


You changed release time by 15 mins? :wink: image


All is fixed on my end :slight_smile:


No idea what you’re talking about. :wink:


Nice deal.

I’d like to add feedback regarding the chosen bundle type.
For me the issue with such a type of bundles is, that there is a possibility that you already own some of the games and therefore, although you would want games from a higher tier, you do not buy it, as you already own some from the lower tiers.
As an alternative you could also use a type of bundle, where you can decide for yourself, which games you would like to add and depending on the amount of games you receive a higher discount.


Dang it!!! :crazy_face: I own 3 out of the 6…Decisions! Decisions!:thinking:


I like these games, most of them, you should all buy them and come play them with me. Out of this selection I would recommend Ticket to Ride in particular, not sure about the first journey version though. I’m told by @onLooSe that Mysterium is good too.


Does Ticket to Ride include any of the DLC?


Not by the looks of it.


This is the Ticket to Ride (kids edition) basically, it’s not the main game, so make sure you know what you are getting… I think a lot of us have the adult version already.

By the way, I am a fan of this front page game tag/icon



I’m going to be the one dissident regarding Talisman - I’ve played it extensively both as a board game and as a video game, but the video game adaptation is inferior for multiple reasons. First and foremost, they nickel and dime you for every tiny piece of content which is annoying IRL for the board game but understandable due to having to physically manufacture new pieces, cards, boards, rules, etc. On a PC, it comes off as greedy and frustrating, and it’s an absolute pain in the ass to play with ANYONE else because both players need to have the exact same purchases turned on unless you just want to play base rules because everyone has varying amounts of content/DLC. So…you end up playing a bit by yourself, eventually get bored (for good reason, they are meant to be played with friends) and uninstall.

I’ve played a lot with friends from across the world (one of my best online-only friends from New Zealand plays Talisman religiously) but even when we match up content purchases to play a match, the networking/matchmaking is horrendous. Even worse, you have to play the entire match out in one sitting because invariably if you drop connection or try saving the game for later, it doesn’t allow you to rejoin the match (an NPC just takes over for your character). Supposedly they fixed some of the networking issues, but last time I tried it there were still major problems resuming a game.

Which ties into my last gripe - the game lag/mechanics/animations are terribly time-consuming. For a game that’s supposed to take the hassle out of hand calculating strength or counting dice rolls, it does a piss poor job of automating and speeding up gameplay. I’m literally embarking on a camping trip in less than 24 hours with a bunch of guys and board games where we spend half a week in a cabin playing Talisman, Small World, and many other games, so I can say with certainty that the time spent is invariably longer than it needs to be for the PC version. The only thing the PC version of Talisman does faster is board setup. And putting it away, but that’s mostly because we re-separate out all expansion cards and keep things organized.

TL;DR - I like the game, one of my favorite board games in fact, but the PC version desperately needs more polish and patches (that will never come to a nearly 5yo game) and they need to cut the prices on the DLC content or start bundling more DLC content with the base game (base game is worth playing twice, IMHO).

P.S. Not trying to discourage purchases, just trying to give consumers/gamers advanced warning to keep a balanced perspective.


I thought for a second that I was looking at Humble…

Looking forward to [hopefully] picking this up tonight!


Actually you get BOTH. Ticket To Ride: First Journey(Kid’s edition…which I don’t have…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) And the adult…Ticket to Ride(which I do have…plus ALL the DLC).


It’s shame I never got into ticket to ride … we even have few of the tabletop versions here, but I really get bored every time I start to read the instructions.
I can vow for Mysterium. It’s way more focused on your imagination so it’s best to be played with friends even online. The AI does kinda decent job to use the cards properly to give you particular hints, but it’s not that easy as compared to a person you even played only 2 rounds with.


I stand corrected, sorry for any misunderstanding.

it’s actually a good board game, I found that it’s best played with 3-4 people and of course if you have about 2 hours to kill. It takes a while to go through a whole game on the real board.


Great idea, definitely something we’ll think about.