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(Awesome and loving your project so far guys, i really respect the honest opinion you have on ads n’ such)

But i really love secrets n’ easter eggs… So gimme free?
There’s something else hidden here? Or is just a metaphor for the whole coin process?

( PS: Only now i noticed i made a typo on my username, it should be Blacksonfive, not Blacksonfiev, god dammit, where do i change it, that explains why i’d never could login using my username lol )



What’s the meaning of life? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why do bad things happen to good people? Is frst still traumatized by coffee mugs? Does Ionin wear sunglasses in the office too? Did the astronaut wearing a jetpack during the end of the ARG for the coin shop ever spontaneously combust, exploding into floaty zero-gravity chunks like we had hoped? And gimme free…Question mark?






…Well, technically not, but… It would be neat!


Hmm, I probably turned that off in the forum settings and it didn’t change the default text.


What happened to the game hole/ black hole thing?


Will you ever add other currencies? (Some deals aren’t worth it for me since I have to pay for currency conversion)


Definitely would love to eventually, but not likely in the short term.


The game hole still exists, swirling, plotting its return.


Will there be an expansion of the Chrono Shop?
It seems like as the community gets bigger, games will get snatched off the shelves fast, so are there any plans for expansion, such as increasing the number of each game offered or offering more stuff regularly?


Definitely in the plans :slight_smile:


Any funny stories that occured between the staffs you mind sharing?


When we launched the site, @EMCL’s mom sent us a cake in celebration. There was only one problem with it…


LOL, this is great.


whoops, wow, what sort of shady site did @EMCL’s mum think you were running. Actually thinking about it the green border around the side would be very fitting if that was the case.


OMG I laughed more than I should.

But that was really really nice of her :slight_smile:

Actually thinking about it the green border around the side would be very fitting if that was the case.

This!!! So technically, you have been authorized by the higher-ups. That makes it legal, right? :smiley:


That would be actually hard to maintain I guess, because if you allow custom CSS you could for example do shenanigans with position: absolute; and cover parts of the screen (e.g. cover the navigation bar with your own and add phishing links.). So you would have to allow only a small subset of CSS and than the user would always wonder, which styles are possible and which not.
I guess it’s best not to allow CSS at all.

…and as you already said, html is technically allowed :smiley: just no inline styles.


In addition to this I would really like a timer for the next “thing” coming in the shop, sometimes when checking it’s already gone or, gee I hate that! ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)


I hope you’ll stick around and be a part of the community instead of just posting this and disappearing but please look around before posting. You’re not bringing anything new to the table, there’s already a bunch of posts from people that want timers and/or more games/stuff to spend their coins on. The way things are is deliberate, the Chrono staff have commented on this numerous times, here’s and example:

You’re just gonna have to deal with not knowing the exact time FREE games become available, at least for now.

And mate, there’s a :mag: icon on the right side of the “Back to Today’s Deal” button, would be swell if you used some keyword like “timer” to check before posting a new thread/suggestion. People just join the community and think they have a great idea but someone’s probably made a suggestion like that already.

Sorry if i came off a bit harsh but people on here are kinda tired of questions like that BUT in your defense it wouldn’t hurt the Chrono staff to put a F.A.Q at the top of the discussions.

Cheers. :relaxed:


@lonin ^ or perhaps as pinned thread. :slight_smile:


Yes, that is what i meant, an actual Frequently Asked Questions list with answers as a pinned thread. There is a “FAQ” already but there aren’t any questions, let alone frequently asked ones…heck, you get the Read Guidelines badge for it.