Ark Surival Evolved. MOBILE

I’ve had Ark Surival Evolved, on my wishlist for a while, but I never got it, because the lowest I’ve seen it is 20$.
When I saw it in the App Store, and it was free, I honestly thought it was a thrown together thing, basically like a demo, to see if you want the game on pc. I got it anyway.
And was surprised to find my self playing it for hours on end. The controls are really good, except jumping could be better :grimacing:, they took some time to get used to, there fine though.
If you have a iPad or something (don’t know if I can recommend for phones though) you should definitely give it a shot.
If you don’t already own ark on steam.


I tried it out last night. There was no sound and the stuttering (no matter the quality) was a pain. It’s kind of what I expected from Ark tbh.
It was on my Razer phone btw, I know the iOS version plays a bit better.


O, i might have to check this out


Nothing to lose its free. :thinking:

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