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Aragami - 4/12/19 - $8/$11.99


Today’s deal is Aragami!

The deal options are:

  • Aragami - $8
  • Aragami: Shadow Edition - $11.99




One moment ago, it was a normal night at the guard tower, and the homestead was safe. One moment ago, your head was still on your shoulders. You were walking along, trying to remember some song lyrics from the tavern the night before. But then, one moment later, in what can only be described as a flash of darkness, the sound of magic steel singing out its deadly note was like a rattlesnake tail set off one moment too late. You never had a second to comprehend the danger before you weren’t even in trouble anymore.

Suddenly it felt as if your whole body was being lifted by the angels, straight up into the air with the lightest of breezes, until as if through some unknown property of aerodynamics, your vision slowly began to turn downward, and to your horror, your own headless and bloody shouldertops rotated into view. Your instinct was to scream, but all you could do was open and close your mouth like a suffocating catfish, and when you plonked down into the dirt with a wet heavy slap, it didn’t hurt anymore, it just felt like resting.

For one moment, as shadows fell over you once again, you thought maybe you were going to catch a glimpse of this…Aragami creature you know just murdered you, but in a horrible twist at the last second, you realize that no, it’s not Aragami, it’s your own dead body falling over on top of you. You were in the army of light, you were a champion, you were an expert, and now you’re dead and alive, and literally shrouded with your own corpse…And then you died.

The official trailer for Aragami:

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Very cool to see this game here! One of my favorite channels ever covered one of the boss fights with an in depth breakdown from a design perspective.


Interesting I really only need the DLC but since it’s mutiplayer maybe I get the bundle and give the key away to a friend.


The DLC is 9.99 on Steam. While it might be nice to get the bundle and share the main game with a friend, does it make sense financially for you? Or does altruism trump wallet padding? Or perhaps you already have someone in mind to share the game with so that you can play together… All things worth contemplating, I suppose.

People here on Chrono are kinder than most. :sunny:


Well if I sell my friend the game for $8 that makes the DLC like $4 so savings if I’m doing my math right. I was being somewhat facetious when I said “giveaway” that’s my fault I knew I didn’t mean literally but that wasn’t clear from my words


If you get it to split that’s totally reasonable, a discount for everyone.


yes they are, I usually have a much more pleasant time here than on reddit. Which has me wondering why I spend so much more time on Reddit than here lol. Need to cut negativity out of my life and reading so much BS on Reddit does not help :slight_smile: