Anyone else not a fan of these "game + OST" bundle deals?

Hey, remember when I mentioned this game’s awesome soundtrack and how it was so good I listen to even without owning the game yet? Well…it’s on sale on Steam!


“one is not like the other” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

you saying Necro’s ost is good too?, or just a wee mixup?


The Necrodancer soundtrack is very good indeed. It’s too bad you can’t buy the soundtrack DLC without owning the actual game. I would probably have bought that. But I have no interest in playing the game.

I have this one though, which I think I got from a groupees bundle or something.


looking at the game/store page, it also, sorta, give the impression of a game with one of the larger amount of soundtrack dlc, and confusing
would one need a Ubisoft spreadsheet to figure out which dlc to buy to get “all” of the soundtrack, hmm…? :thinking: :smile:


No I think this one would do it.

Of course the soundtracks are also available on bandcamp if one wants to buy them alone. Bandcamp don’t really do discounts though.


yea but was more thinking about “content overlap”
ie, if buying 1 of the “big” soundtracks then also includes something in the smaller dlc, meaning you’d be paying “twice” for depending on which dlc combo you got
granted i’m easily confused with some things, but this Do I have to buy other DLC other than AMPLIFIED? Or those soundtrack are already in AMPLIFIED DLC? :: Crypt of the NecroDancer Off-Topic Discussion just looks like it might be possible to buy doublets
(tho since i couldn’t really find an entire/“exact” soundtrack-dlc list on the forum one could maybe also just assume each piece of dlc is actually truly unique in its content music-wise) :man_shrugging:


It’s a mega bummer. I bought some games DRM-free that didn’t come with soundtracks that I’d totally buy from Steam if I could without having to own the games. I do own the games; I just didn’t buy them from Steam.

It’s a good idea to check Bandcamp in this situation.


From looking over the different soundtrack DLCs on offer and looking at the bandcamp versions of the same it looks to me like every DLC is unique. Though most of the amplified DLCs are remix versions of the original soundtrack. Everything by Danny Baranowsky is the original stuff.