Any XCOM 2 Players on here? If you are one can you please help me out?

Aside from the new and annoying Chat system Steam (Valve) added onto their platform client a month ago, they seem to have decided to add an annoying addendum to their forums (community discussions) rules and regulations. If you get perma banned on the forums, you also immediately get banned on the “Steam Workshop”.

Anyhoo, I unfortunately got Perma banned on the XCOM 2 forums last year AND because of this annoying change they’ve made, I can no longer post comments on mod authors’ uploads.

Now if there’re any XCOM 2 players on here, could you please post a feedback comment on these two workshop uploads for me…

Please inform “Dare”, the mods’ author that the new perk he added “PersonalShield” does not appear in the perks pool for the Templars. Unless it’s not a native/ingame perk he added.


I can’t help you on this one but I can’t help my curiosity as well. How you got banned?

Let’s just say that the moderators “prefer encouraging” n00b whiners instead of telling them to “git gud” or in the very least mod the game to lower the difficulty :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not “required” to play Legendary/Ironman nitwit, so stop trying if you can’t :stuck_out_tongue:




This pretty much sums up what happened to dark souls forums with the introduction of the one and only mod (thank you bandai namco) … no point in naming and shaming, but I understand you completely. Hopefully you can find someone here that can help you!


Thankfully the mod author (Dare) accepted my friend invite and I’ve already sent him a PM regarding the issue.

Also there is a mod author named fireborn on there who decided to pull his mods out of the workshop in favor of nexxusmods because of the ban crap as well.