any underdog Rogue-like game?

was gonna suggest this too just from being “different” by being fps
and in the same vein perhaps Wasted
or maybe Delver

when you say already done did dose mainstream, i’m assuming that includes stuff like Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, and (@YQMaoski would probably not forgive me if i didn’t mention it) Spelunky too?

anyways, to toss out random titles i know nothing about(own&have interest in but not yet personally played):
Runestone Keeper
Hand of Fate


I only skimmed the thread, so please pardon if I have any repeats, but I still wanted to leave my 2 cents as I consider myself a rogue-like afficionado.

I think there are rogue-likes better than Binding of Isaac, but the replayability will be tough to compete with as the item combinations are pretty much what make the content.

Enter The Gungeon’s latest update added a bunch of new synergies, so if you own it it’s well worth jumping back into. Only downside is that some of the new content also ramps up the difficulty, which I think didn’t need improving.
Wasted is one of the few FPS rogue-likes I can recommend as it’s technically really well done, but only worth one playthrough. Still clocked in over 20 hours and I have to say it has a really good story to tie everyting together and is worth a shot.
I saw someone suggest Flinthook and unless you get from a bundle I wouldn’t recommend it. I anticipated that game right from the first screenshots and bought it on release and man, that game is nothing like what I thought it would be. I personally believe that it’s mechanically botched. It’s a real pain in the ass to maneuver around for a game whose core mechanic is exactly that. Played it for 9 hours and didn’t care to finish it.
Heavy Bullets is also a FPS but with refreshing mechanics. Should be dirt cheap by now so worth a shot.

That’s it, everything else would be kinda obvious. Dead Cells, Slay The Spire, Nuclear Throne, GoNNER, Risk of Rain, Loot Rascals, Rampage Knights, Lost Castle et cetera.

If you want like real underdogs, because they’re not that good and never gained traction, but can be somewhat enjoyable if you’re really into the genre you can try Steredenn, Bunker Punks, Dungeon Souls or Straimium Immortaly.


It’s currently on sale for the next few days, it’s a nice title, a bit less known.

And I hope you tried Spelunky…


you also just missed immortal redneck a few days ago on chrono itself.

also a suggestion of mine, I have over 140 hours on it haha.

dungeons of dredmor was said, highly recommended about the same amount of time, it was my most played game once.

FTL is a classic if it hasn’t been said sorry if im repeating other people I can’t track everything haha.

I love rogue-likes so this is a good thread, thanks OP.

also Rogue Legacy on Steam the classic