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And Bingo was his name-o!


I realise this is a bit late, but I don’t think anyone took Fortune 499, did they?


Thanks for playing. I had to call BINGO on your behalf, so you were added to the queue of offline winners. Please reply to my PM to claim your prize

Offline Winners

  1. @francot
  2. @YQMaoski
  3. @eliaviaene
  4. @Scribesake


True, I should count my blessings :grinning::grinning:


I just activated Upside Down so I wanted to say thank you to @ohko @persistnt and @RaccoonV for the opportunity to get some new games because our game libraries aren’t overflowing enough already! Hahahaha


For those interested, the bingo program is open source and the results can be verified by anyone :incoming_envelope: :point_left:


Ah, I know the feels… but happy for the one who choose Book of Demons. Been having fun with the demo. :slight_smile:



Awesome job on this GA. Your coding skilz are l33t. :slight_smile:

This was fun and easy to fill out and to mark for the draws. I used my Snipping Tool on Windows, then used the highlighter to mark the numbers. Very fun. Thanks so much for hosting. :heart:


I wrote my numbers down in a notepad and used a pen to circle them. Clearly this approach greatly contributed to my early and decisive victory.


Very cool! I only understand some of it. I know a bit of coding, but that seems to be Java Script (?) - that’s one thing never took time to learn.


Awesome javascript program, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for running the bingo giveaway. Well done winners!


It surely did, I did the same. :grin:




You guys are too funny. :slight_smile: Paper, ftw. :heart:


I still maintain the belief that MS Paint is the superior choice. It’s got all the freedom of movement that a pen and paper has, with all the convenience of a computer program.
Plus, my sense of humour is terrible and poorly-drawn things amuse me, even if I’m the one who drew them.

3 -17- -33- -49- 63
5 -19- 35 -51- -65-
-7- -21- :star: 53 -67-
-9- -23- 37 -55- 69
-8- -25- -39- 57 71

I miscalculated timezones and missed it, dang!
Bingo though! :grinning: thanks for the giveaway, cool idea for sure.


@Doomy you got so close! You would’ve auto-scored (along with onLooSe and Darwid) in the last drawing if there were more prizes available!

You can blame @DrFlamingo and @CreatureFeet for snatching up the last two :smiling_imp: