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Ancestor Bundle @ Fanatical


1.99 USD for these games:


Imagine coming across this bundle in 1999.
You wouldn’t believe your luck, especially since it’d still be a year until Metal Fatigue released.


This is definitely one of those “for nostalgia” sake game bundles that likely will not get too much attention. System Shock the original I never played, though it remains unclear if I will play it even if I buy it… :thinking:


I have them all but Metal…and it’s on the WL.:star_struck:


i’ve bought plenty of games for nostalgia sake that i acknowledged i’d never really replay anyway at the time of purchase
but despite that i just can’t seem to justify the 2bucks expenditure on this for me, as i already own a couple in this bundle… :confused:
-hoping Humble offers something more worthy of a dollar “tomorrow”