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Anarcute - 2/15/20 - $4.49


Today’s deal is Anarcute!





Oh my god, are you SO ready for this protest?

Ummmm…HELL YEAH I am! It’s time to stick it to the MAN, dude!


You’re right, it IS nice! And look, I even started on my protest sign!

Does that say “More like…BrainGosh”? I don’t get it. What’s a braingosh?

Well…you know, like, we’re protesting the Brainwash Patrol, right?

Uh, yeah! But MY problem is that “braingosh” doesn’t mean anything. Like, why is THAT what you changed it to?

Come on, bro! You know! Like “Ugh! Gosh! I’ve had it with these guys!”


No one even uses “gosh” like that! I’m not even sure the average person says “gosh” at all! Even Goofy says “gawrsh”, which IS close, but no cigar, you feel me?

Okay, fine! Then what should I write then, since I’ve already started on the sign? “More like…what?”

How about uhh…“More like LameWash”?

Hmm. “LameWash”…I guess I like that a little more? Though “brain” and “lame” don’t really rhyme…

Oh come on, they kinda do, right? And besides! This is probably gonna end up being a riot anyway! Who cares about a little slant rhyme?

I guess you’re right…hey, do you think that cute tiger’s gonna be there?

At the protest? God, I hope so. I love it when a good looking rioter joins the group. Really gets other animals into the spirit.

Yeah, I guess. But what’s your sign gonna say?

Oh, mine? It says “Brainwash sucks!”

Nice. Very to the point!

Thanks, I thought so too!

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So adorably violent! What is this? Pikmin’s and Katamari Damacy’s rival?!