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Almost 1,000 Games Removed From Steam


Happened about 20 hours ago. As I looked through the list I saw the Fairylines, Princess.Pixel, Stickman to name a few…


I wonder how many are quality games and how many are asset flips.

Kinda sounds like developers are getting shafted for stupid stuff publishers pull.


at least one that was gone today is back:

so i guess not all games will remain banned


according to MellowOnline all the devs were abusing store features.


I wonder what “bundle abuse” means…


It means the bundle didn’t clearly state their consent.


“Their” as in Valve’s consent?


no, the bundle didn’t clearly state their own consent to whatever the devs did with/to them, hence it constitutes abuse, lol

It’s just a lame joke, basically, as per the usual


I lost around 70 games because of this issues. It is what it is.


You still have them in your library, the games removed from the Steam store doesn’t mean that they are removed from your library. You can still install them and play them.


True, I still get booster packs for some of them.
I just checked my steam stats, apparently I have 1502 (+ all DLC I guess) games, but on my profile it says 742.
Every website that shows your steam profile stats shows the wrong library number. Is there any way I can know for sure?


Well i guess 99.99% of games valve removes from steam are shovelware so unless you really care about numbers it’s not a huge loss.

I would easily be happy of getting rid of some games on my account as well,tbh i dont even know where or how did i end up owning some of them.


You can remove games if you want to
you can leave those titles behind
Cause those games are bad
and if they are bad, well they’re no games of mine.


If you haven’t hidden anything through your client, that number that shows is the correct number of games/items that you have access to.

Like Fraggles said, you can remove them. You can also just right click in your client and hide them, they then no longer show up in your client list, which is as good as not owning them.

I am not sure what happens if you start removing them from your account, that would then decrease your Steam XP attached to the game collector badge?


You can ,yes, but afaik you need to create a support ticket for each of them which is “nah” from me.


You can go to and search for the game you want to remove, there should be an option that says “I want to remove this game from my account permanently”. I’ve done it once or twice and I didn’t have to create a support ticket, it happened right away iirc


Yes, this is instant. @DontBeSilly, it’s not a real support ticket.


Yea I remember back in the day you had to open a ticket to get it removed, I think its still needed for removing the free to play games.

Still, I don’t think it shows the exact number, because on the game collector showcase I have 742 games 219 DLC, yet in library 1502. Makes no sense. I don’t have any hidden game, and I doubt theres 500 free to play games I added that show up in library. Eh, its ok, I did not want it for showoff or 1K badge, but just out of curiosity.


In that case i will have to do some cleaning :slight_smile:


I went in to have a look.
I saw that none of them were games I already owned. Glad for that.

Though, it doesn’t account for Wishlisted items…hmmm…

Valve, what are you doing. Why are you once again on the ban-bender.

Addendum: A lot of DLC for one H-game…
lolz The title has me interested…