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Almost 1,000 Games Removed From Steam


Happened about 20 hours ago. As I looked through the list I saw the Fairylines, Princess.Pixel, Stickman to name a few…


I wonder how many are quality games and how many are asset flips.

Kinda sounds like developers are getting shafted for stupid stuff publishers pull.


at least one that was gone today is back:

so i guess not all games will remain banned


according to MellowOnline all the devs were abusing store features.


I wonder what “bundle abuse” means…


It means the bundle didn’t clearly state their consent.


“Their” as in Valve’s consent?


no, the bundle didn’t clearly state their own consent to whatever the devs did with/to them, hence it constitutes abuse, lol

It’s just a lame joke, basically, as per the usual