[Alienware Arena] Dead by Daylight Steam Community Event

Steam Community Event - Arena Community Event | Alienware Arena

It’ll begin on Nov 23, 2022 and end on Dec 7, 2022. Dec 2, 2022 and end Dec 16, 2022

Join the Alienware Arena Community and play Dead by Daylight to collectively earn rewards! Community Events take the cumulative playtime of members and award prizes for reaching time milestones. Working together means the rewards rack up faster-- so get ready and play to win! (Users need to scroll to the bottom of the page and join the event in order to be awarded/participate. Users can join the event prior to it starting and will be notified when it officially begins.)


Thanks @carvalho20ptc :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


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It is as toxic as any other multiplayer game really. Nothing out of ordinary for a genre.


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Update on the Dead by Daylight Community Event

We’ve (temporarily) disabled the Dead by Daylight Community Event. We’ve awarded ARP to those who’ve visited this page (via Daily Quest) as a small thank you for your patience as we work to update the event and to help compensate those who had contributed hours to the event prior to its early close. The event had not yet reached the first milestone by the time it was disabled, therefore no one lost out on any prizing.

When we re-open the event, we will 1) restart it completely and 2) give Arena members a site notification when the page re-opens. The event will be joinable again before it officially starts, allowing users to join early so that they can earn collective rewards once the event begins.

Again, thank you for the contributions that have been made to the site and to our new Community Events. We’re working hard to bring the event back to users as quickly as possible and are collaborating with Behaviour Interactive to make it excellent.

There goes my booster. Thanks AWA.


I updated the main post with the new date of the event: Dec 2, 2022 - Dec 16, 2022

Let’s hope that now this is for real. :crossed_fingers:

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