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Alien Breed Trilogy - 1/14/20 - $2.29


Today’s deal is Alien Breed Trilogy!





Somewhere aboard a mysterious ghost ship in outer space…

“Yo, Teddy?”

“Sup, man?”

“Hey, I mean, it’s great blowing away all these aliens and all…”

“Uh-oh. Yeah…?”

“But like, don’t you ever kind of feel bad for them?”

“Umm, well, to be honest with you, NO. These bastards are trying to kill us, and it’s not my fault blowing them away is so fun.”

“Well, uh, sure, but like, don’t you think that’s how the settlers felt about the buffalo on the Great Plains?”

“What? The Great Plains? That old cesspool? It was eradicated in a nuclear blast a hundred years ago! And besides, contrary to what they teach you in school, buffalo were NOT bloodthirsty monsters bent on human genocide.”

“What? They weren’t? Then how do you explain the horns?”

“Look, you dummy. There used to be PLENTY of animals on Earth with antlers and horns, and a lot of them were just peaceful creatures who used them for mating rituals and such before we came along and ate them all.”

“What? Why would humans do that? Doesn’t that sound a lot more like something the aliens…would…do? Oh god…”

“What now?”

“Oh my god, what if the aliens are like a reflection of our actions as humans, like in a sci-fi story? What if this is our punishment for being dicks to the buffalo?”

“Pssh! Yeah right! What’s next, you’re gonna tell there’s so giant superintelligent AI core that made the alien queen as a weapon? PLEASE.”

“Right, right. No, you’re right. That does sound very crazy. Oh wait, hey is that our synthetic, Mia? She sure is walking weird…”

The official trailer for Alien Breed Trilogy:

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Probably too late to change it but the page lists the game(s) as having “intense co-op” but they are all listed as single player games on the Steam store page. You may want to update that information.


I dont want to be rude but those streamers who play the game on sale are completely aweful gamers :speak_no_evil:
where did u even find these Randos? :laughing:


Also, is it just me, or do the bullet points for the key features of the three games all start “Alien Breed ™: Impact” even for the second and third games?


This is very strange! Good catch! It looks like Team17 might have left out some feature listings, because the description does mention a co-op survival mode over Steam. I think I checked the Assault one for that. Dunno about the rest because I didn’t look. Forum community says “at least LAN” which isn’t particularly helpful.


Is this worth getting? It all looks like 3 games made in the same engine, really more expansions than sequels, but it’s really cheap so I’m not sure.


Haven’t played but do own. Can only agree it’s a great price point.