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AER Memories of Old - 5/22/19 - $6.99


Today’s deal is AER Memories of Old!





Man, do you ever feel like even though you’re definitely still the gamer you were as a kid, that sometimes you gotta stretch yourself a little and play something that appeals to your now-adult brain, which has seen so much more and is ready for some weirdness every once in a while? Great, so do we, and AER Memories of Old is absolutely going to give you that intellectually challenging yet beautiful experience you CRAVE. And just to show you HOW weird, we’re gonna play “Spot the Real…Game”. We’ll workshop the title later. Guess which one is the actual premise!

It’s a visual novel about Abbot Edmund Reach, a retired old man who gets embroiled in a murder plot from deep in his own family’s history.

It’s an action platformer about an old stone panther called Frigo who’s been hibernating inside of a temple for 3000 years emerging to fight evil in the year 2739 and close the loop on an ancient curse.

The whole world is made of beautiful floating islands, and you fly between them trying your best to save all of reality in the land of the old gods because you’re a pilgrim who can shapeshift into a bird.

It’s a subtle and emotional story about finding satisfaction in life by continuing a family tradition, except all the gameplay is just pasta-making and a series of moral choices presented to you as a week of incredible dinners.

It’s a rhythm puzzle game where you look through family photos and sing along with your grandpa. As you get better and better scores, your relationship with him deepens, and if you get an A rank on every stage, he survives the pneumonia he gets in the third act.

So which one is real? Are ANY of them real? Are any of US real? (Yes, one of them is real.) (And it’s a real good game you only have to pay like seven bucks for.) (And yes, of course we’re all real.) (Are we???) (We are.) (We are.)

The official trailer for AER Memories of Old:

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Ooh. This one came at a good time. And its on my wishlist. I remember seeing the promo for this on Imgur.


Beautiful game, great deal, but already own it. :slight_smile:


Same as DanacScott. Had it a while. Enjoyed playing it. Should really return to it…he says, looking at over 2500 steam games :wink:


Own it. Played it. Beat it. It’s one of those “journey>destination” types. I’d recommend it more but I honestly can’t remember much about it because it was a tad forgettable.

At least it’s one afternoon; if it was much longer I don’t think it would be finished very often because the gameplay (while relaxing) doesn’t have much of a purpose, thus making it feel like a polished tech demo.





I launched it on several occasions and didn’t follow the story at all. I just randomly flew around and relaxed while enjoying the view, hopped on some islands to explore, etc. Still don’t know what the game is all about. :rofl:


I thought it was terribly under optimised though. I have a 1060 6GB in this laptop and it sometimes lagged badly


I was using a 1060 6GB when I played it, I don’t remember having issues at the time. Of course I don’t use that card any more and so won’t be able to compare, etc.


What are you running now?


RTX 2080 8 GB…