Activision Patents a "Microtransaction engine"

Can’t disagree with you there…but you don’t remember the ridiculous “line the alien body segments up correctly” puzzle? It was that which broke me…oh that and the fact that the designers could remember what the marker actually did (it seemed to change purpose between games) and that the final enemy was…

Spoiler for DS3

a moon??? A MOON??? WTF?

Not sure what I would do, since currently I’m avoiding most AAA titles due to potato nature of my laptop. But I kinda agree with the logic (coming from a country with similar piracy issues). And already do pirate DLCs for one particular game, since its publisher doubled the prices for my region.

I love it when activision reminds me why i don’t buy their bs games anymore…

I learned my lesson back in 2008.

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Activision still at it

Not quite as atrocious as the last one but by the same people for the same reasons. In short it is meant for highlighting items and ads in playbacks that you can share from the game, using a system I’m guessing similar to what DOTA 2 uses that lets you watch a game played out in engine rather than as a VOD. But with the express purpose of highlighting things to buy.


-just waiting for the “EA/industry hold my beer”-moment
(they always seem to come in pairs these days lol)

i’m getting more and more glad i’m not remotely interested in Activision titles these days
(man i laughed at the Dlcestiny hype and frenzy)


im out the loop, im still reeling back from metal gear zombies.

thanks for this post I already shared it on twitter.

edit: Destiny is activision? BWAHAHAHAHA

why do people like that crock of unimaginative shit.

remember when they said the new assassains creed was gonna have ZERO combat in it? and then they realesed the new trailer? and the first shot was a guy being stabbed repeatedly.

didn’t even know it had already happened lol

  • Activision: “something something darkside”; public lootboxes codwwii
    (didn’t bother to read more than titles since it involved A activision, B cod, C lootboxes, so i auto default to: why bother) :rofl:

and maybe taking home this week’s beer:

  • Ubisoft; added 3rd! drm to assassin’s creed origins :dizzy_face: :roll_eyes:
    (which incidentally tanks performance or fries your system) :joy:

good stuff
man i love the triple Aeh industry, never a dull moment of scumfuckery lol! :smile:

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What’s the third one? I’ve read about the VMProtect making Denuvo much harder to crack and impacting performance. What else have they done?

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that is the 3rd
Uplay (it’s actual drm and not just in the “steam” sense)
and then VMprotect
and something going on with the vmprotect or its workings with denuvo is apparently tanking performance (with even current gen i7’s getting cpu maxed out), or down right crashing system or even making them overheat into bsod/safety reboots