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please bring The Forest deal!


Where all the secret comunity deals are?


Not to make you wish for it even more, but ye gads! The Forest is a great game! :wink:


Sure is! Other game I love is subnautica. Ever heard of it? :smiley:


Main thing that still really impressed me is the animations/actions of the cannibals.
First time I played got into a fight, knocked one down & female ran over, grabbed him & dragged him away (to eat or rescue, no idea lol) & then fighting another, saw behind it another run upto a small sapling, climb up it & turned towards me, screamed & ran away.

Yep, heard of & seen some clips of Subnautica. Tempted, will see when new system is built.
So many good survival games lately, we’re spoiled :wink:

Also looking forward to Debris, Agony & Scorn :smiley:


Never heard of Debris. Agony and Scorn look very promising!



please bring The Forest deal! zz






When do the emails go out about daily deals? I just realized I missed Shadow Warrior 2 so I signed up here and don’t always get to my emails right away.


Agreed, it’s not only a great single-player experience but the multi-player is lots of fun too.


Did you ever get a response?


So… is doing away with coins??? No coins to click on during the TB tribute week… and another week long event and still no coins… what happened?


Please bring Hammerwatch and Heroes of Hammerwatch deal!


I often hope some of these daily deals are repeated as usually I miss out on these things :stuck_out_tongue: lol
Particularly I was interested in turmoil and stuff management type games like that haha