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A Stellar Weekend and Giveaway! [Ended]


Stellaris was won and claimed by Fraggles!



Thank you once and once again for this generosity and again for mentioning the Stellaris free weekend. I ended up putting far too much time into it for a mere 2 days, but come out of it with the experience to know I wanted this game as much as I thought I did.

I probably would have put the 10€ down for it if this had gone to GDBringer in the end. : )


Congrats! See? All you had to do was make me feel bad for winning and my luck jumped over to you.

Now you have to re-install. :wink:


Already done


Congratz @Fraggles! You have Stellaris! ahaha now I can stop bugging you when it goes on sale! :laughing:

Thanksagain Pylinaer for hosting this for everyone! Ya the boss. :slight_smile:


You can start trying to convince me to buy the DLCs I suppose, that should last us a life time.


I would recommend trying out the mod ST: New Horizons from the Steam workshop if you are into Star Trek.