A Playstation game giveaway [Finito]

I just bought the 1$ THQ Humble Bundle, as I miss-read Argentina as, yes, i really did; Australia.

Don’t look at me like that.

If you own a ps4 and are in one of the eligible countries, you may as well comment to claim it as you’ve already wasted your time reading this.

but lest someone comment too late you’ll receive it in 8 or so hours. I need the rest.


Don’t want the key I’m not a console peasent but to offer commiserations, I’m Australian and have a couple times decided that ‘Austr’ is obviously going to be Australia not like there is another country called Austria or anything so my brain can skip the last couple letters and autocomplete for me, wonderful.

I will claim it, thanks! PM me with the generous code, if possible. Verified zone should work.

You could always set up a US PSN account if you really want to play the games…

Then there’s the hassle of switching accounts and logging in differently every time, and the IP address change, and hassle! No, instead give me the free code. Much easier. :+1:

Did think about that option, then I thought about the work involved, and aptly decided.
Thanks for the reminder though haha

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Code sent out, enjoy!

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