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8-Bit Invaders! - 8/9/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is 8-Bit Invaders!!





Sir, movement at checkpoint Foxtrot.


Seems to be some sort of attack, we haven’t identified the enemy yet. Deploying scanners.

Excellent. Thank you, Captain.

Of course, sir!

It’s finally time to get a look at these bastards up clo-

Commander, first reports are in, it looks like they’re calling themselves the Cranioids and they’re here in significant numbers. Current projections predict a level orange threat.

Well, let’s bring the fight to them, Captain. Get all our battalion commanders on the horn, and…wait.


Did you say these things are called “Cranioids”?

Yes, sir. They’re a known threat in this sector.

Sure, sure, but…what the hell kind of name is that? It almost sounds Latin in origin…

It’s true, sir. No one knows where they got the name from, but they sure do love it, and experts have suggested a latin origin.

So what is that origin, then? Cranium? Cranium-oids?

Yes, sir. They do seem to be referring to themselves head-oids, on account of their enormous heads.


That said sir, uh, if I may speak freely…

Of course, Captain.

Thank you, sir. That said, we’re all just little voxel-based military units, so who are we to judge?

Who are we to JUDGE? Captain, these hoo-hahs are walking around calling themselves “Head-oids” and I’m supposed to take them seriously as my opposition force? Tell you what, call me again when like, the “Death Force” is here, or the “Army of Evil” is trying to get in, but for now, let’s flatten these jerks. Engage at will, Captain, and make it snappy!

Yes, sir!

…and sir?

Yes, Captain?

Thanks for asking me what I think sometimes. It really makes me feel heard.

Anytime, Captain. You see what I’m saying about the name though, right? Wacky!

Oh, no doubt sir. No doubt.

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What a nice Commander. Treating the Captain with so much respect. Seriously, Cranioids?!