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8-Bit Hordes - 8/10/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is 8-Bit Hordes!





Sire, movement at foreward gate.

What ho?

And enemy offensive sir. Scouts are on their way in right now with word.

Fantastic. Thank you, soldier.

Of course, your majesty!

I’m excited to clap mine eyes upon this worthy foe.

Sire, first reports are in, it looks like they’re calling themselves the Dark Orcs and they’re here in league with the undead horde, who barely call themselves anything.

Well, let’s push this battle out past the moat, soldier. Send a raven to the Elves of the Lightbringers and…


Did you say they’re calling themselves “Dark Orcs”?

Yes, sir. They’re sworn to evil powers.

Sure, sure, but…what the hell kind of name is that? It sounds like something a teenager would call his first sword.

It’s true, sir. It is a bit of an edgelord vibe, but they sure do commit, and experts have even found signs of black eyeliner on their troops?

So what is that origin, then? Goth kids? Goth orcs?

Yes, sir. They do seem to be referring to themselves as a sort of more grown-up version of “goth orcs”


That said sir, uh, if I may speak freely…

Of course, Captain.

Thank you, sire. That said, our allies the Elves do refer to themselves as “of the Lightbringers”, which sounds straighedge as hell, so who are we to judge?

Who are we to JUDGE? Soldier, these crow’s-ends are walking around calling themselves “Dark Orcs” and I’m supposed to piss my robes? Who’s gonna be next? “Satan’s Children”? Are we going to get invaded by the “XX_shroudedangels_XX”? Cut these bastards heads off and pike them out on the gates!

Yes, my lord!

…and sire?

Yes, soldier?

Thanks for asking me what I think sometimes. It really makes me feel heard.

Anytime, soldier. Sometimes I just can’t abide by opponents who take themselves too seriously!

Oh, no doubt sire. No doubt.

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This is the lowest 8-Bit Hordes has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $4.99 on Steam.

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Hahaha. Those little heads reminds me of the martians movie.


What a nice Warlord. Treating the soldier with so much respect (to the point where an accidental time paradoxical reference to Captain was made). Seriously, Dark Orcs?!


First it was 8bit invaders and now hordes, is 8bit armies next in a day or 2? :smiley:


It’s a cute game indeed.


I have 3 of them and its cool because once installed the 3 you can fight with every army, aliens vs orcs and humans… is really cool game. Really classic C&C gameplay style by petroglyph


I never knew that. That’s an interesting feature.