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8-Bit Armies - 8/11/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is 8-Bit Armies!





Sir, new game available at


Seems to be some sort of voxel RTS, we haven’t identified the devs yet. Heading to the Steam page.

Excellent. Thank you, Captain.

Of course, sir!

To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve been looking for a good old school RTS to pl-

Commander, first reports are in, it looks like they’re calling themselves Petroglyph and they’re here in significant numbers. Looks like a bunch of ex-Westwood people.

Well, let’s see if they can make a game, Captain. Get me some honey mustard Snyders, a kombucha, and…wait.


Did you say these guys are ex-WESTWOOD?

Yes, sir. They jumped ship just before the EA takeover.

Sure, sure, but…what the hell games did they work on? It almost sounds too good to be true…

It’s true, sir. We don’t know exactly who’s over there, but Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, you name it they made it.

So is that what this game is then? Classic C&C but with voxel graphics?

Yes, sir. They do seem to have made a game that’s easy for new players to the genre, but also satisfies old hardcore fans.


That said sir, uh, if I may speak freely…

Of course, Captain.

Thank you, sir. I just really think you’d like this, and for five bucks it’s definitely worth a try.

I’m sorry, FIVE BUCKS? Captain, these guys are out here reviving the vibe behind some of the best RTS of all time and it costs less than the snacks I asked for? Tell you what, I’m buying us both copies and a couple extras for my friends!

Yes, sir!

…and sir?

Yes, Captain?

Thanks for asking me what I think sometimes. It really makes me feel like I know my gaming trivia.

Anytime, Captain. It’s just not every day someone tells me the Command and Conquer devs made a new game and it’s good as hell.

Oh, no doubt sir. No doubt.

The official trailer for 8-Bit Armies:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest 8-Bit Armies has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $4.99 on Steam.

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What a nice present-day and not future timeline Commander. Treating the Captain with so much respect. Seriously, former C&C devs made a new series of RTS games that featured?!


I hope the other original westwood ppl on EA do a good work with the C&C remake XD


My understanding is that it’s just a graphical remaster. And since they already have C&C Rivals as the new game, I wouldn’t expect anything more than a remaster for this one. Gameplay-wise, it’ll be as good as we remembered.


Is a remake, I mean they are doing it all from scratch. To me remaster means take the original, give better resolution, mechanics and release it. Never understand why english ppl call it that way. Like Halo annyversary is a remaster for MS when its obviously a remake. Another example is shadow of the colosus, the PS3 edition is a remaster, with better res and textures, the PS4 is a completly new remaked game. Is a way to confuse a lot of ppl. And even C&C is called remaster… And here they explained as I think is how it has to be.

And by the look of this images

It looks a remake, that are definetly not sprites. And if the gameplay remains original will be more than enough.

As for the rivals game, it looks like an online and boring game that has nothing to do with C&C except the name. EA has destroyed the franchise, this remake is the last good thing in the horizon for C&C fans.

Oh and speaking of confusion, the controversy and bad critics on the Dark souls remastered¿? was exactly because of that, ppl expected a remake, and they had in the end a remaster, better textures, resolution, maybe ilumination and nothing more. Ppl was dissapointed when thats exactly a remaster.


Strange how EA calls it a remaster, if the game is being rebuilt from the ground up. It just sounded like they were aiming for high resolution 2D art when I read about it. But if it’s rebuilt from the ground up, that’s nice to hear.