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11-11 Memories Retold - 2/7/19 - $14.96


Today’s deal is 11-11 Memories Retold!





So okay, okay, okay. I don’t have that many dreams anymore since I guess the doctor says that too much pot turns off your imagination??? But I used to have them all the time, which I can illustrate by the fact that one particularly memorable night, I had a dream about my friend Alex (I only hang out with people who have my same name) where he was on a surreal cruise through hostile waters with just his mom, super buff robots, and a BUNCH of old ladies with beehive hair. He put up a good fight, and a lot of unexplainable stuff happened, like in one room a bunch of the robots were gyrating to The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang, but eventually the ship caught fire and all aboard were lost at sea.

Fast forward to the next morning when me and MY mom are sitting around the kitchen island eating huge bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios (like you do) and talking about our dreams. Now she was missing a few details, like the robots, and the old ladies, and the Bloodhound Gang, but her basic gist was the same: In her dream, my friend Alex ALSO went on a cruise with his mother, and by the end of the dream, they were both dead. Once we realized, we looked each other dead in the eye and started screaming as loud as we could until the camera cut away to the next scene.

Obviously we’re both incredibly superstitious, and of course we frantically called them on the phone once we were past my mom’s self-imposed 10am no-call zone, but to our complete shock, they neither HAD any sort of boat trip planned, nor have they EVER gone on one in the 19 years that have passed since that story went down…anyway the reason I brought this up is that today’s game is kinda serious and about World War I, which is hard to joke about, but hey, it’s also about a German and an American soldier who have a bunch of crazy stuff go down in their lives on the same exact day as each other, which really isn’t ALL that much like my story now that I think about it, but hey! At least it’s 50% off and it has Elijah Wood in it, right?


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