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1000 days to escape - 2/24/20 - $1.99


Today’s deal is 1000 days to escape!





Ah yes, a story we’ve heard before: a planet full of Earthlings who didn’t heed the warnings of many many scientists, and now, like those nights before a big essay is due where you pop a couple caffeine pills and write the whole thing in nine hours, we’ve only got 1000 days to find another place that’s suitable for human life and to figure out how to get us all off this rock and over to that one. Hopefully we never get so close to this in real life, but luckily, it’s not too hard for us to imagine anyway since apocalypse blockbusters have been a pretty big deal for the past fifteen to twenty years or so. Hmm…why is that, do you think?

But video games aren’t just here to make you feel anxious about sweeping planetary issues you can’t directly control, they’re here to give us immersive windows into worlds we want to escape to, almost like wish fulfillment, and so it is our pleasure to introduce you to a game called 1000 Days To Escape, where figuring all this out is your job, but you have tons of fun doing it. Really. Let us explain:

So you know how in all those big blockbuster end-of-the-world movies the protagonist is always like some nerdy dad with a young kid and a teen kid, who figured out some kind of science secret before the US government, so now even though they’re just a civilian they become instrumental in the big world-saving plan? To us, having the government’s resources at your disposal like this is the ultimate power fantasy, and creating a kind of light, fun, low stakes arcade game about it is even better, because we don’t constantly have to face the sobering reality of it on top of everything else. Buy it today and save the world.

The official trailer for 1000 days to escape:

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Man these houses sure hold a lot of people (almost like a clown car). Fun to dump them into a rocket like a salt shaker though.